What does YOUR Resting MOM FACE Say?

What does YOUR Resting MOM FACE Say?

MotherHOOD deserves the highest honor!             

Being a mom is a full-time, life-long job!

It can definitely sometimes feel overwhelming. It doesn't matter the stage of motherhood you're in...From the earliest stage of diaper changes, to the moments of worrying about where your adult children are and what they're doing... Being a parent never ends. 


The "Resting MOM FACE" statement tee was designed with humor and truth.
Now most, if not all of us, are very familiar with the "Resting B!TCH FACE" phrase. Not sure how or where that phrase originated, but it's become a very common phrase. However, in my opinion, the resting "MOM FACE," is what speaks volume. It's something that may have never been truly defined in the past, but most of us, black people especially, are very familiar with the face even if we're not familiar with the phrase. With all that being said, this statement t-shirt captures the essence of motherhood and the many facial expressions that often come along with it.


What does your "Resting Mom Face" Reveal?

  • Is your "resting mom face" more than just an expression? Is it a glimpse into a distinct moment of your day or even your week? 

    • Does your "resting mom face" reflect your frustration with and love for your children all at the same time? 
    • Does your "resting mom face" indicate you are NOT one-dimensional, but that you encompass a multitude of emotions and experiences. 

    • Is your "resting mom face" a reflection of your personal manifestation of the strength and perseverance required to keep pushing through despite obstacles and challenges?
    • Does your "resting mom face" simply say, "don't move" "don't touch" and "don't ask for nothing?" HAAA HAAA


    Whatever your expression, the "resting mom face" is a unique reflection of the stance you take because you've earned the right to do so. You've earned the right because of your personal story, your determination, your love and your strength as a mother. The expression "resting mom face," deserves to be recognized and captured as a distinct phrase. Wear it proud!




    MOMS - Love on one Another!

    The "Resting Mom Face" t-shirt is not just a fashion statement; it's a way to acknowledge one of the many different facets of motherhood. It's a way to communicate with the mom across the room without even saying a word. It's a way of saying to the next mom "Girlll... I see you and I feel you!" It's way of connecting and loving on the mom standing next to you using an unspoken, universal language. 

    So, why not treat yourself or surprise a fellow mom with this unique graphic tee? Embrace your "Resting Mom Face" and wear it proudly!


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